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Teachers in years 5 and 6 are:

Miss Barrell (6SB)

Mr Storr (6JS)

Miss Pinder (5PH)

Mr Hudson (5PH)

Miss Doorbar (5KD)


Autumn: City of Culture- Tell the World


In English we have started by looking at texts such as Kensuke's Kingdom, The Giant's Necklace and Tom's Midnight Garden to inspire some super writing and reading opportunities.

In maths our focus is firmly on developing place value and applying it to a range of different contexts. This is the core to all maths work so it is important we secure it early on.


In topic this term we are taking on the city of culture theme: 'Tell the World' where we will be focussing on communication. How else are we going to 'tell the world'?!

In history across the phase we are exploring different forms of communication- from Morse Code, carrier pigeons and flags to the telephone and computers. As well as looking at the impressive inventors who brought these communication methods to us, we will be considering how they work and why they are useful.

Not satisfied with just spreading the word, we wanted to explore emotional expression too, so with that in mind we have decided to look at the work of Picasso and how he communicated emotion through his art (with a particular focus on colour).

Later on we will be homing in on developments in and around our local area that we want to shout about, such as the Siemans development and BP through geography.


Additional information:

P.E. for all classes is on Friday afternoons- please ensure your child/ children have full kit so they are fully prepared for their sessions.

Full kit (indoor) includes:

  • Black shorts
  • White collarless t-shirt
  • Sand shoes

Full kit (outdoor) includes:

  • Warm outer layers (jogging bottoms/hoody)
  • Trainers

Waterproof layers are optional but may keep you comfortable in wet weather- we will be out come rain or shine!


Home reading books

Home reading books will be changed every week so books and reading logs should be in every day.


Weekly tests

Spellings and times tables will also be tested weekly.


As I'm sure you can tell, we're going to be busy!

Keep up to date with us via our class blogs and get in touch if you need us.


Many thanks,

Year 5/6 team


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