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Teachers in years 5 and 6 are:

Miss Barrell (6SB)

Mr Storr (6JS)

Miss Pinder (5PH)

Mr Hudson (5PH)

Miss Doorbar (5KD)


Winter Wonderland


*This page will be updated shortly*


Additional information:

P.E. for all classes is on Friday afternoons- please ensure your child/ children have full kit so they are fully prepared for their sessions.

Full kit (indoor) includes:

  • Black shorts
  • White collarless t-shirt
  • Sand shoes

Full kit (outdoor) includes:

  • Warm outer layers (jogging bottoms/hoody)
  • Trainers

Waterproof layers are optional but may keep you comfortable in wet weather- we will be out come rain or shine!


Home reading books

Home reading books will be changed every week so books and reading logs should be in every day.


Weekly tests

Spellings and times tables will also be tested weekly.


As I'm sure you can tell, we're going to be busy!

Keep up to date with us via our class blogs and get in touch if you need us.


Many thanks,

Year 5/6 team


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Thu 18th Jan
Section gym Butterfly
Mr Woods
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