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Autumn: Identity

Spring: Made in Hull

Summer: Roots and Routes/ Freedom

This term, in response to our 'Roots and Routes' topic, we will be exploring journeys of many different types and for many different reasons...

In Upper Key Stage 2 we recognise that a good book can definitely take you places! We are using English as our passport to the rest of the world. Using Kensuke's Kingdom, Year 5 will follow Michael's journey to an unknown destination after an adventure on his family yacht goes wrong, whereas year 6 will be challenged by a whole host of texts to explore the lives of others around the world, enabling them to tackle issues such as immigration.

From here we will take a turn down different paths and avenues all across the curriculum...

As a creative outlet we intend to use the art work on the cover of Kensuke's Kingdom, Hokusai's 'Great Wave', to inspire some of our very own relief print works.

Hokusai- great wave

In addition to this, we will be teaming up with an organisation called 'One Day Creative' to explore the theme of Freedom through workshops run in school.

This theme will follow in to our work in history and geography as we look in to VIPs of the past including: Amy Johnson, Wilberforce and the Headscarf revolutionaries to name but a few. These icons and their stories will provide us with cross-curricular opportunities such as in maths and music to: consider alternative routes for pioneering planes; create a little album of sea shanties to call our own and, outdoors, we are hoping to brighten up the place as we design and lay plans to create 'Freedom Gardens' on the school grounds.

In addition to this we are hoping to familiarise ourselves with other cultures from around the world with visitors from the sikh community and by looking in to pilgrimages to support our religious education.

Finally, in science, year 5 will be looking in to 'Earth and Space' as well as 'Properties and changes of materials' whilst year 6 will explore 'electricity' and 'light'. In P.E., between us, we will be covering gymnastics and athletics- we can't wait for sports day!

As you can see, we have an awful lot to pack in to our final term- and that's not it!

Key dates:

  • B ikeability (Yr5) 6-9th June
  • Library Language (Yr5)- 19th June 10-12pm
  • One Day Creative Freedom Workshops- 19th June
  • Residential- 28th – 30th June

It's going to be busy!

Keep up to date with us via our class blogs.

Ciao! Adios! Goodbye!

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